Fiber Artists in Philly

On a recent jaunt to Philadelphia I visited fellow Moore College of Art and Design Alumnae and Textile Designer Janell Wysock from in Philadelphia. We shared our love of attending an all-girls college and lamented the end of major Textile Design. Walking through her supportive and creatively inspiring studio reminded me of the adoration I have and miss with weaving. The colorful yarn balls and wooden looms appearing worked and poised on the far side of the room. The studio has light and energy. There are tables for teaching and shelves full of books.  Along with the informational part of the studio, other talented artists work is displayed for purchase. I hope it is a success and I encourage everyone to stop by to make and take in one of her three hour classes. You will leave feeling bubbly and happy 🙂

Image from Craftspace, weaving by Georgia L Reinmuth


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